Nice to meet you, Sandra!

Sandra Duong joins the EdTech Office (ETO) as our new Educational Technologist. At the ETO, Sandra will be our first point of contact when you contact us and she joins Anna's Academic Toolbox support team. Sandra would love to help you maximize your use of Quercus; ask her your questions!

Photo of Sandra in front of a lake

Sandra is an Instructional Designer with experience in curriculum development and content writing. She has a range of experience in developing synchronous and asynchronous projects, facilitating programs, along with analyzing and implementing learning solutions for professional development programs in the Tech and Education industry. Sandra completed her Honours Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science (Computational Cognition) at U of T; she is also in the process of completing her Learning Design certificate with U of T’s School of Continuing Studies. 

Before joining ETO, Sandra worked as the Learning Technologist Coordinator at Rotman’s Intercultural Skills Lab, helping internationally educated professionals excel in their careers. In that role, Sandra managed the planning, development, design, and delivery of the Business Edge Digital program content to enhance participant learning experiences. She also supported faculty, staff, coaches, and participants in synchronous sessions and in the use of various educational technologies.

Sandra is interested in the science of learning and the research towards understanding cognition for different mediums such as artificial intelligence. When she isn’t at her desk, she loves going portaging and discovering new places. Sandra also enjoys organizing and participating in volleyball tournaments and ultimate frisbee fundraisers for organizations.

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