EdTech Tip Sheet Special Edition: June 2023

In this Issue: EdTech Workshop 2023 Recap + Session Recordings | Meet new ETO Staff James Zhan


Nice to meet you, Sandra!

Sandra Duong joins the EdTech Office (ETO) as our new Educational Technologist. At the ETO, Sandra will be our first point of contact when you contact us.


Meet Inga Breede!

Inga is a media professional who has pursued a broad and deep range of experience throughout her career of over 15 years, spanning acting on screen and stage, producing content for broadcast, overseeing creative services for film marketing, and client-work in advertising, corporate communications and marketing.


Welcome back, Anna Limanni!

The EdTech Office is very, very excited to be expanding the office with a new senior role (and yes, like many UofT titles, it's a bit of a mouthful) - Senior Educational Technologist, Academic Toolbox. We are even more excited to welcome Anna back to FASE! She will be leading the ETO's training and support team, enhancing our existing services with her expertise.