HI! Meet the ETO's new Work Study Students

We're pumped to anounce that three work study students are joining the ETO team for the 2023/2024 Work Study Program. They'll be helping us migrate to a new website, capture lectures, and analyze data collected on an active learning classroom.

Ellie Luo

Role: Active Learning Classroom Research Assistant
Faculty:  Applied Science and Engineering - Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Year: Third

Ellie is a 3rd-year mechanical engineering student pursuing a minor in bioengineering and mechatronics. She spends a lot of time learning to build machines, and outside of that, she loves to immerse herself in nature and in squash courts. She is looking forward to learning more about the philosophies behind the design of MY150 and how it can be further improved.

Favour Nwanna 

Role: Content Migration Assistant
Faculty: Applied Science and Engineering - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Year: Three
Favour is a third-year computer engineering who loves designing and learning new things. In her free time, she loves reading, planting, and listening to science podcasts. She is most interested in learning more about website building using Wordpress. 

Zhang Zihan

Role: Lecture Capture Program Assistant
Faculty: Faculty of Arts & Science
Year: Four
Zihan enjoys electronic music, video games, and cooking, and he is also a big fan of sci-fi movies. He also loves electronics and watches some electronics launches every now and then. He's more interested in expanding his video skills.



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