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Each week we'll use this space to share a question (or more!) that we've received about Quercus and other Academic Toolbox tools.

This week's question is: "How do I weight my course assignments based on my syllabus using Quercus?"

This Week's Faculty Question

Q: I can't figure out how to arrive at a final mark based on my syllabus using Quercus. For example, I am using a Quercus Quiz with a 20-point total. But the quiz is weighted 30% in the final grade calculations. I also have a midterm exam and a final exam (which I've already created in Quercus), each out of 100 points but worth 40% and 30% respectively. How do I organize these in Quercus so the weights match what's on my syllabus?

A: To get your total grades in Quercus to match the assessment weights on your sylabus, you will need to organize your assessments into Assignment Groups for weighted grading.  

How can you organize your assessments into Assignment Groups for weighted grading in Quercus?

There are a few steps you need to take in order to weight your course assessments as per your syllabus. From the Assignment Page in your Quercus Course:

  1. Create 3 assignment groups - one for each assessment. For detailed steps, refer to the Canvas Instructor Guide: How do I add an assignment group in a course? You can name the assignment groups the same way as your assessments (i.e., Quiz, MidTerm Exam, Final Exam).
  2. Place each of the assessments in their own assignment group - you can drag and drop them to the corresponding group.
  3. Weight each group according to the syllabus. For details, refer to the Canvas Instructor Guide: How do I weight the final course grade based on assignment groups?

Quercus Assignments page with buttons to add Assignment Group and to Weight Assignments groups highlighted

For additional assistance with Assignment groups (especially if you have multiple assessments inside each assignment group), please contact us at fase.edtech@utoronto.ca or book a consultation.  

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