Drop in for a chat about chatting!

Join us for an IRL (in real life) session to experiment with different options designed to translate the benefits of digital chatting to an in-person classroom experience.

While teaching remotely (e.g. via Zoom or Teams) during the pandemic, many instructors observed an increase in student participation via the 'chat' function. Thanks to this functionality, more students actively asked and answered questions when classes were online than when classes were held on campus. Students also interacted more with each other and the digital record enabled instructors to reflect on questions asked during the session and consider how and if their future classes could be modified and improved. 

In this in-person, interactive session, we will look at how to retain this live chat function in on-campus classes to facilitate student questions and discussion. We will:

  • review (and play with) the 'chat' tools that you can use in on-campus classes
  • explore the different applications of chat for active learning activities (including formative assessment, backchannel conversations, digital collaboration)
  • share ideas about what your colleagues are experimenting with (and their teaching goals motivating them to do so)

Want to get ahead of the game? See what is backchanneling? and check out the ETO's guide to popular backchanneling apps.

Interested in attending?

Register by August 16, 2022 at 5:00 pm EST. You can indicate whether you plan to attend in person or would just like to receive the recording. If possible, please bring a lap top or other device (so that you can participate in the digital chatting options).

Session Details

When: Wednesday, August 17, 2022 | 11 - 12
Where: On Campus | Myhal 330

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