EdTech Tip Sheet: July 2020 | Vol 2 | Issue 01





July 30, 2020

FASE's EdTech Tip Sheet

Compiled for the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Community, straight from the Education Technology Office, and sharing everything you should know about education technology news, events, & support.

Upcoming EdTech Events · Weekly Quercus Updates · Transitioning to Online/Remote Learning · EdTech Interns for hire!  · Creating Video Content · Strategies from Colleagues · Top 5 Qs this week · Schedule a 1-1 Consultation

How can the EdTech Office help you this August?

Transitioning to Online/Remote Teaching

We can help with idea generation. There's a lot of resources to help you get started, but it can still be challenging to take your first step. Join us for our new webinar series featuring faculty members sharing lessons they've learned, explore our self-directed guides on everything from active learning activities on Bb Collaborate Ultra to Quercus course shell examples so that you do not have to start from scratch. If you're selecting hardware or software for editing, we can help you make a selection with our recommendations.

We can help with course planning. We're happy to offer 1-1 consultations wherein we can discuss any aspect of your course as it relates to technology, focusing especially on helping you map your learning outcomes to available institutional technologies. We know you have a lot of decisions to make this summer - from choosing your course modalities to how to set up your space to pre-record content to what webinar tool to use
We can help with course building. AltWe can help you with the work, too. We have 9 intern students (meet the Interns!) this summer who are ready and willing to help you! They can help you build course elements, test activities, edit your videos, or simply provide a priceless student perspective (most are FASE students). If you're pre-recording content, see if our remote editing process would work for you.

Submit a project by August 07, 2020

Meet the EdTech Interns!

Need some help with the more mechanical aspects of building your course? Or maybe you have a great idea and would like some feedback from a student perspective. The EdTech student interns can help you with building Quercus course elements, editing video content, testing your set up for live sessions, or anything else where an extra set of hands (or eyes) would be helpful.
Note: Project requests received after this August 07, 2020 will be scheduled as resources allow.

Are you creating video content?

Creating video content for your course is a big job. We've published some guides that might help make the process more effective and efficient.
  1. Consider using a video design and component template. One of the biggest things is to establish a video template that you can use to add consistency across your content (and ensure that you're including valuable components to increase the likelihood of retention). 
  2. Get support with video editing. Whether you are filming on location in a lab or creating self-captured or self-filmed content from your location, we can help with the editing process remotely.
  3. Review our recommendations for hardware and software. If we could make one recommendation, it would be to order and test your recording equipment now! Things are low in stock and shipping is often delayed. 
See our guides to selecting filming/recording hardware & software!
Prof. Ramsay recently shared his technical setup (see the breakdown piece by piece) during his webinar, "OneNote, two note, red note, blue note: Using OneNote for remote lectures" (you will need to login via your O365 account to view the recording). As Prof. Ramsay says, "This is a little video that I put together to share with some colleagues a description of the video recording set-up that I have moved home, from my office. My videos are certainly not perfect, and I'm far from a video expert, but some people were curious, so here it is!"

Curious about your colleagues' adaption to online strategies?

We've got you covered both with examples and webinars! If you missed the live webinar sessions of the Lessons Learned EdTech webinar series, you can review the content and watch the recording of each session by selecting on the session image cards below. (If you have something you'd like to share on our examples page, we'd love to share it!)
We've also been attending sessions from groups across Canada (like E-CORE's sessions - some are upcoming!) and internationally and have provided summaries from those sessions as well (and recordings, if available). You can see summaries of previous events in our EdTech Event summaries.

This week's top EdTech questions:

  1. How do I add Bb Collaborate to my course?
  2. Which webinar tool should I use (and when)?
  3. How do I create a video with the "newscaster" effect?
  4. How can I download SnagIt?
  5. What should I think about before I film in a lab?

Visit the EdTech Office's self-directed guides:

These resources provide in-depth project co-ordination templates, communication templates,  and "before you begin" planning advice (including thoughts on priorities to consider and how to design and implement your education technology solutions within your course). They include links to the technical guides and to downloadable templates, helping you get started on your project.
Looking for 1-1 support? We're happy to schedule individual (or teaching team) consultation(s) to review your course and current stage of design. We are also providing remote editing support - if you're creating videos, we can help with editing, uploading videos to a video host, and linking them into your Quercus course.


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