MADE for U of T | Ep. 03 | Matt Everson


In Ep. 03  we hear from Matt Everson on using new collaboration tools for virtual participation.


MADE for U of T | Ep. 02 | Cheryl Lee


In Ep. 02,  we hear from Cheryl Lee on how (and how not) to use images in media projects.


MADE for U of T | Ep. 01 | Prof. Hatzopoulou


In this first episode of MADE for U of T, we hear from professor Marianne Hatzopoulou and her experience pivoting to a virtual video shoot. Her top tips include writing a script, setting up your space, and the value of tip sheets.


Recording your in-person teaching

You might be wondering how you can self-capture (record) your own teaching activities (perhaps relevant to accommodate students who miss a class). Proactively figuring out how - and practicing! - how you'll do this will serve both you and your students well in these times of uncertainty. While there are a lot of really great reasons why lecture (activity? it's more than just lecture capture, of course!) capture supports students, right now, it helps to reduce stress as we resume on-campus learning.


EdTech Tip Sheet: July 2020 | Vol 2 | Issue 01

Miss the newsletter on July 14? Catch up on Lessons Learned Webinars, Top 5 support questions this week, and tips for creating video content.