EdTech Cheatsheet: August 2019 | Vol 1 | Issue 01




Volume 01 | Issue 01 | August 2019

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What's going on in the EdTech Office?


Meet our new Studio Space

For the summer, we have studio space! If you've been thinking about recording some content (perhaps an especially important concept or solution), this might be the time to do it. This could be a one-off video or it could be part of a series or module. The EdTech Office can help you develop a variety of video formats, determined by the nature of your specific project and goals.

It's official. We're now livestreaming!

June saw our first, true livestream event. Though we've done some livestreaming before, this set up allowed for multiple cameras feeds as well as pre-recorded graphics. Requests for livestreaming have become more common and we're happy that we now have the resources to support these requests. If you think you might have an event that you'd like to see broadcast live, please get in touch
Allan Toda, EdTech Audio Visual Technician, sets up for our first 'real' Livestream event.
If you missed the live reveal of Blue Sky Solar Racing's new vehicle, you can watch it online.
Are you thinking about developing online content (perhaps to support a flipped learning model or to allow for more active learning in class? Learn more about the process (and how to get started) using our Open Module Development Toolkit.  

Now accepting requests for Lecture Capture for 2019/2020.

In previous years, we've focused on capturing the Core 8 first-year Engineering courses. As the program matures, we've had continued requests from students to offer lecture capture for upper-year courses as well. As we look to expand the service, we are looking for instructors that are interested in having their lectures recorded. This could be for the whole term, certain courses, or even for one-off special events.

Benefits reported from students include:

  • There's less pressure to capture everything (especially new and complicated concepts) in note form because the lecture can be re-watched at a later time.
  • A missed course (due to an extenuating circumstance) can be caught up without delay or issue.
  • An ideal resource for review prior to assessments.

If you are interested in participating, please submit this participation request form. We'll work with you to select which method is most effective to capture your course. Our goal this year is to schedule as many courses as we can, within our staff bandwidth.

Submit a Request for Lecture Capture
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