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This week: New Assignment Interface, Book an Assessment Review, This Week's Faculty Question: Does Quercus offer a way to categorize Announcements for different topics in separate tabs or folders?

In this Weekly Update:

  1. New Assignment Interface
  2. Book an Assessment Review
  3. This Week's Faculty Question

New Assignment Interface

Please note that the Submit Assignment interface has been changed. There are now multiple steps.

  1. When a student views the details for an assignment, a submission can be started by clicking the Start Assignment button   
  2. Once the student uploads or adds a submission according to the submission type, the Submit Assignment button will submit the assignment.  
  3. If multiple attempts are allowed for the assignment, a New Attempt button will appear for the student
  4. Once the student reaches the attempts limit, the New Attempts button will appear greyed out.

Book an Assessment Review

Final assessments are coming up, but we're here to help! Feel free to book a 30-minute Assessment Review session with one of our instructional technologists. Configuring an online assessment is not easy - choosing the right tool, building it, and then ensuring that everything will run as anticipated takes experimentation and practice; likely not something you have time to do!

This Week's Faculty Question

Q: Does Quercus offer a way to categorize Announcements for different topics in separate tabs or folders? (e.g., can I create a tab or folder for all announcements related to jobs and professional experience opportunities?)

A: Unfortunately, there isn't a way to categorize announcements or place them into separate folders. However, one idea may be to include the category in the title of the announcement (e.g., "Careers: Job posting for XYZ"). Then students can use the Search function in Announcements (located above all the course announcements) to search through them using the category name as a keyword.

For more information on the Search function, please see the following Canvas guide for students: How do I view Announcements as a student?

Have a Quercus (or EdTech) question? Please contact FASE's EdTech Office.

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