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This week: Canvas Deploy Notes, New Training and Documentation Blogs/Webinars

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Canvas Deploy Notes

Quiz Moderation and Student Visibility

  • Moderating a quiz does not add a student to the quiz if the student was never added ot the quiz
  • Inactive students do not display in the Moderation page
  • Previously, if a quiz had never been assigned to a student, and the availabilty dates were in the future, moderating the qui gave the student access to the quiz
  • Additionally, if a student was made inactive within a course, the student's name displayed in the Moderate section for the quiz

Unauthenticated Users and Practice Quizzes

  • Anonymous users can take practice quizzes in public courses
  • Previously, when an unauthenticated user accessed a public course and attempted to participate in a practice quiz, the page repeatedly refreshed

Rich Content Editor

  • WMA, WAV, and WMV files now supported in the New Rich Content Editor
  • Previously when attempting to upload a WMA, WAV, and WMV file through the record/upload option in the New Rich Content Editor, the file was not loaded, and submitting the embedded file created a blank line

Training, Documentation, Communication

ACT Support drop-in consultations: Dec. 21 & 22 and Jan. 4-8

ACT provides support for instructors teaching in online and hybrid environments to develop courses, assignments, and learning platforms. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to drop in on Dec 21 & 22 or Jan 4-8 for consultations with the ACT team! The booking calender will be posted on the CTSI site and each session will be 15 or 30 mins and hosted on MS Teams.

Active Learning Strategies for Online Teaching: Jan 14, 11 AM-12 PM

Want to improve your online teaching skills or simply need a refresher? Join CTSI next Monday for tips and strategies for incorporating active learning into your online/remote teaching. We will model various activities that are suitable for asynchronous or synchronous delivery that you can incorporate into your courses. This webinar will highlight how you can use Quercus and the Academic Toolbox to support the implementation of these active learning strategies. Register now!

Organizing Your Course Content Using Office 365 Tools: Jan 28, 11 AM-12 PM

This webinar is part of our Office 365 for Teaching and Learning Series. We at CTSI will explore how you can leverage the OneDrive integration with Quercus to make your course materials (e.g., syllabus, readings, and lecture notes/recordings) available to your students. We will also share strategies for building your course materials in Office 365 to ensure that they are accessible and designed for readability and learnability. Register now!

Have a Quercus (or EdTech) question? Please contact FASE's EdTech Office.

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