September 13th, 2019

This week: Quercus Quiz preview Issues & How do I make my modules available for students?

In this Weekly Update:

  1. Quercus Quiz Preview issues
  2. This Week's Faculty Question: How do I make my modules available for students?


Quercus Quiz Preview Issues

Incident Status Investigating
Date Sept 13th, 2019
Category Preview Error
Info Users are getting page errors and 500 errors within Quercus that may affect their ability to preview quizzes.

This Week's Faculty Question

Category Modules

Question: I have created a module with content, but my students cannot see it. Why?

Answer: There could be two reasons why your students cannot see your module content. First, ensure that that specific module is published. In the upper right corner of the module, you may see a no symbol, select that to publish that module for students to see. If they still cannot see the module, you may have to enable the Modules menu option to be visible to students. To do this, navigate to your course Settings > Navigation (2nd tab) > Choose "enable" beside Modules > Save these changes at the bottom. For more detailed instructions, please see How to Modify the Menu Items on your Course Menu.

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