March 22, 2019

March 22, 2019  

DocViewer Issue **Resolved**
Category DocViewer
Info The DocViewer had display issues causing loading errors. 
Software Info DocViewer supports a variety of Microsoft, OpenDocument, and fixed layout formats.
Update Resolved
Related Info For more information on the DocViewer and supported file types, please visit What types of files can be previewed in Canvas?


 This Week's Faculty Question
Category Students, Groups

Question: I need to remove a student from a group - how can I do this?

Answer: You can remove a student from a group through the People section in Quercus.

Once you are in this section, navigate to the Group Set, then find the group and student you would like to remove from their group. Now, select the vertical ellipses (3 dots) beside their name to open a menu, in which you can select "Remove".

For more information on the creation and management of Groups, please visit Groups: Creation & Management (video)



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