June 1, 2019

June 1, 2019  

 Schedule Maintenance * Completed
Category Course Evaluations Maintenance
Date / Time May 29 / 5:00 - 6:00 PM
Info The Course Evaluations service will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance.
Update The scheduled maintenance has been completed. 


 Page Views Missing
Category Page Views
Date of issue April 29th - May 29th
Issue Pages views are missing between the dates of April 29th and May 29th.
Info Page Views show which pages were accessed by the student, including date and time and browser used. This information can be found by navigating to People > Selecting the student > Selecting "User Account Details".

For more information, please visit How do I view the page views for a user in an account?

Update This is under investigation. An update will be posted soon. 


 This Week's Faculty Question
Category Changing Home Page

Question: Is it possible to change where the Course Home page?

Answer: Yes! On your Home page, select "Choose Course Home Page" on the right side. From the dialogue box, you can choose: Course Activity Stream, Pages Front Page (you must have an existing page for this option to be available), Course Modules, Assignments List, and Syllabus.

For more detailed information, please visit How to change your Course's Home page


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