Teaching with Zoom

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This blog post provides the recording and session files from the Teaching with Zoom session by Inga Breede on August 31, 2021.

In this recording:

  1. Creating and scheduling a meeting
  2. Presenting content
  3. View/download recording, reports and captions/transcriptions
  4. Share recordings in Quercus
  5. Build interactivity and breakout rooms

Watch the recording

Session Slide Deck

Are you ready to Zoom?

  1. Visit the Academic & Collaborative Technolgies (ACT) website for information on setting up your Zoom account.
  2. Review the ETO guide on how to administer Zoom in your course. Zoom is not integrated into Quercus, so please spend some time planning how you will use Zoom in your Quercus couse.

Details about the Zoom Education License

A Zoom Education license allows an individual to run their own interactive meetings with up to 300 participantsThis license does not cover enhanced Zoom features, such as Webinars (broadcast mode version of Zoom), Large Class capabilities (more than 300 participants), extra Cloud Storage for recordings or physical Classroom Connectors, etc.

Inga's Ideal Desk Set up

  1. A main monitor/computer with the Zoom window, speaking notes, and webcam/mic.
  2. A second monitor for screen sharing and to present content.
  3. Trusty pen and paper!


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