How to search Google Images for Images labeled for Re-Use/Non-Commcercial Use

When re-using images in your educational materials, you'll want to play if safe by only using images that have been licensed for this re-use. Often, even though you're "allowed" to re-use them, there is a requirement to provide attribution as part of your learning object. 

Open your browser and visit Google.com

Visit www.google.com

  1. Type in your search terms.
  2. Select on "Google Search."

Select on Images Tab.

  1. Select on the images tab to migrate from a regular web search to solely an image search.

Use the built in filters to limit your search.

  1. Select on Search Tools to reveal advanced filter options.
  2. Select on Usage Rights to limit search results to your preferred parameter.
  3. Select your preferred parameter.






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