EdTech Workshop 2021: Day of Cheat Sheet

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Of course you've read the full and detailed EdTech Workshop 2021 Attendee Package, but...what if you just need a quick link or reference? This Cheat Sheet has you covered! 

Things you must do

  1. Sign up for your Sessions to access the web conferencing information. See Select your sessions and Grab your web conferencing information for instructions.

Things we hope you'll do

  1. EdTech Workshop Gather.town environment  - This digital space is open all day; come and explore! We have not posted this link publicly, but please check your attendee package.
  2. BINGO Submission form - If you'd like to win, submit your Bingo Scavenger Hunt form by 2:30 pm.
  3. Download Attendee Virtual Backgrounds

What should I do if I have a question during the day?

Please email us at fase.edtech@utoronto.ca. You can also MS Teams chat us - Allison, Joanna, Inga, and Anna - but we'd recommend email first.

How do I get the session web conferencing information?

  1. Make sure you have Registered for the EdTech Workshop 2021.
  2. Select your sessions using the Timetable > My Sessions tab (see how to select your sessions).
  3. View the webconferencing information (MS Teams) for each session (see how to grab your web conferencing information).

What time does the Workshop start?

The EdTech Workshop 2021 starts officially at 10:00am; please sign up for the Opening Keynote session (on the Event page; scroll down) and join us promptly at 10 am.

What's the schedule for the day?

(For the full timetable, please visit the EdTech Workshop 2021 Registration page and scroll down to below the event details.)

9:30    white text       Testing/Play time in Gather.town! (Also time to download your Attendee Virtual Backgrounds). 
10:00 Conference begins w/ Housekeeping Remarks 
10:15 Kick Off Interactive Activity (It's fun!)
10:25 Welcome to Workshop and introduction of Keynote Speaker (with Prof. Tom Coyle)
10:30 Opening Keynote with Prof. Susan McCahan
11:15 Break
11:30 Session Block 01 (Choose your session); check for fire/fountainside chats
12:00 Lunch Break (Join us by the Barbecue in Gather.town and stop by the sandbox to chat with Avi Hyman about all things Academic Toolbox!)
12:45 Session Block 02 (Choose your session); check for fire/fountainside chats
1:15 Break
1:30 Session Block 03 (Choose your session); check for fire/fountainside chats
2:00 Break - Don't forget to submit your Bingo card! (Due by 2:30 pm)
2:15 Session Block 04 (Choose your session); check for fire/fountainside chats
2:45 Break
3:00 Session Block 05 (Choose your session); check for fire/fountainside chats
3:30 Closing Toast in Gather.town with Dean Yip

Will the sessions be recorded?

We will be recording the vast majority of sessions, unless the session leader has selected not to record. These will be shared on our Program page in early June (it will be similar to what we did for the EdTech Workshop 2019). If you have registered for the event, you will get an email when these recordings are posted.

How can I connect with the session leaders?

Several of the speakers today have volunteered to do a follow up session in Gather.town fire or fountain side. These informal sessions will allow you a chance to talk further. You can see the schedule for these chats on the Timetable under the Bonus track. See the map below to help you find those digital spaces.

How does the Gather.town space look?

What is the in session webinar etiquette?

At the beginning of each session, you'll be reminded to:

What is the schedule for the special activities (foundtain and fireside chats, sandbox chat, etc.)?



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