Download your Virtual Background!

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Are you joining us for the EdTech Workshop 2021? Show some digital flare!

Which virtual background fits you best? You can go the route of theme - are you a recycler, a reuser, or a reducer? Or perhaps this is your very first EdTech Workshop (or your fifth!)? Let fellow attendees know a little bit more about you with a virtual background. While it's not one of our fancy (and dare I say institutionally-famous) nametags, it is something to mark the day! (Bit harder to hang up without a lanyard though...) Bnous points if you customize your own!

Download your Virtual Background

Instructions: Right click and use "Save as" (or "Save Image as" or something similar to that based on your device) to save this image file locally; then you can upload it to Teams (see how to change your background for a Teams meeting).

EdTech Workshop Background - Veteran

EdTech Workshop Background - First timer!


EdTech Workshop Background - I'm a Reducer!

EdTech Workshop Background - I'm a Recycler!

EdTech Workshop Background - I'm a Reuser!

We're not the only virtual background game in town:

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