April 26, 2019

April 25th, 2019

Quercus Update
Category Update to Terminology
Day & Time April 20

Pages can be used as a collaboration tool where you can create class wikis and set specific user access for each page. Throughout the platform, the term "Page" is interchanged with "Wiki Page".

Update To reflect consistency across Quercus, the term "Wiki Page", which is a "Page", will be called "Page" throughout the platform.  


 This Week's Faculty Question
Category Module, publishing, files

Question: I have uploaded a PowerPoint file for my students to download. However, when they try and view the document, they receive the error "This file is part of an unpublished model and is not available yet." How to fix this?

Answer: Canvas modules start in an unpublished state, and require publishing for students to see content.
There are two publishing states: 
- Unpublished - The modules are inactive and students will not be able to view it,
- Published - The course and course materials are ready. Students will be able to view.
Based on the error message, the file is in an unpublished module that requires publishing. To determine where the document is, navigate to Modules, and locate the module that the file is in. If the Module itself (grey box) does not have a Published symbol (green circle, with a white checkmark), then select the No Symbol to publish the module. 

By publishing the module, you will make all of the Module items available for students to see. 


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