Weekly Quercus Updates

This week: Canvas Technical Updates, BB Collaborate Update, This Week's Faculty Question: Where can my students get help for MyMedia content access issues?

In this Weekly Update:

  1. Canvas Technical Updates
  2. BB Collaborate Update
  3. This Week's Faculty Question

Canvas Technical Updates

New Rich Content Editor

As of this morning, the global option of the new RCE has been set to ON for all courses. For more information on the New Rich Content Editor, read about it here.

Grade Posting Policy

Reminder: The change to the default grade posting policy (from Automatically Post Grades to Manually Post Grades) has been applied to the U of T course template and all Winter-2021 ROSI courses. Grades are now hidden from students in the Gradebook by default until published. To continue to post grades automatically, instructors can change the policy back to Automatically Post Grades in the Gradebook settings.

Please note that this change does not apply to manually-created (non-ROSI) courses. Also note that Grade Posting Policy reverts back to "Automatically Post Grades" if you are importing/copying course content from previous courses where this setting was the default. In both theses cases, the Grade Posting Policy needs to be manually changed to “Manually Post Grades”.

BB Collaborate Update

Chat Support Feature

There will now be a support chatbot available in the My Settings panel.

Recording Privacy Status Visibility

Moderators and session owners can see at-a-glance on the Recordings page if a recording is locked (i.e., available only to those enrolled in the course) or public. 

This Week's Faculty Question

Q:  Where can my students get help for MyMedia content access issues?

A: Please direct your students to contact the Information Commons Helpdesk at help.desk@utoronto.ca to report the issue. In their email, students should include as much information as possible, including:

  • the URL of the video they are trying to access,
  • their location,
  • if they are using a VPN and which one,
  • their IP address, and
  • as many other details as possible to help resolve the issue (e.g., what time they were accessing the video, if other streaming services were working, etc.)

For more information, see Where can my students get help for MyMedia content access issues?

Have a Quercus (or EdTech) question? Please contact FASE's EdTech Office.


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