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This week: New Quizzes Grade Passback Bug, New Training and Documentation Blogs/Webinars!

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  1. New Quizzes Grade Passback Bug
  2. Training, Documentation, Communication

New Quizzes Grade Passback Bug

Please note that submission grades for New Quizzes are not being properly added to the gradebook or Speedgrader. This issue has been flagged as urgent and escalated to Instructure.

For now, please avoid using New Quizzes for high-stakes assessments.

Training, Documentation, Communication

EASI Connect+Learn: Microsoft Whiteboard (Nov 5, 12pm)

The Connect+Learn series are targeted at staff and aim to provide end user training around common applications such as Teams, OneDrive, Sharepoint, and VPNs. Come join us on Nov 5 to learn more about Microsoft Whiteboard and how to use it effectively. This session has a 300-person limit on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Contact North: Why Technology is NOT the Answer (Nov 5, 1pm)

Join Dr. Paul Prinsloo and Audrey Watters as they explore the future of higher education and the role EdTech will play in the future and how we can prevent the excess of EdTech in relation to surveillance and promotion of insecurity. Register now to view the recording!

Teaching and Learning Conference (formerly Online Learning) (Dec 8 & 9)

This unique conference connects organizations with senior decision makers in corporate learning, training and development and academic online learning. You can choose from 30 interactive and practical sessions as we cover all topics around online learning.

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