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This week: BB Collaborate & Breakout Room Chats, New Email Security Banner, New Training and Documentation Blogs/Webinars!

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  1. BB Collaborate Breakout Room Chats
  2. New Email Security Banner
  3. Training, Documentation, Communication

BB Collaborate Breakout Room Chats

We've recieved reports that BB Collaborate recordings have been picking up chat from the Breakout Rooms. According to BbCollaborate's documentation, this should not occur. To protect the privacy of our students as they talk amongst themselves in the Breakout Rooms, we suggest turning off the option Moderators supervise all private chats. This will be the temporary workaround until BB Collaborate fixes the issue.

New Email Security Banner

U of T e-mails will now include a banner notifying the recipient when a message originated from outside the University. The banner will help to protect U of T from hacking and phishing attempts, and will also protect faculty, staff and students’ valuable information. These banners will appear on all emails originating from outside the University of Toronto.

Training, Documentation, Communication

Select Your Online Assessment Tool: Which tool should you use and why?

Hosted by FASE on Oct. 7, 2-3pm, we will talk extensively about the functionality (and the limitations) of each assessment tool, we will not be building the assessments during this session. After you've decided which tool works best for you, you can schedule a consultation to build the assessment in your course.

Course Design for Online

This webinar series will be hosted over a seven-week period from Oct. 19 to Dec. 7. Guided by CTSI facilitators and collaborators, instructors will commit to participating in activities over this period in which they work through the steps of the course design process, focusing on the online context, and complete the series with the framework and tools for a newly developed or redesigned online course.

Have a Quercus (or EdTech) question? Please contact FASE's EdTech Office.

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