Weekly Quercus Updates

This week: Add Files Issue on Quercus, Plagiarism Detection, Confirmed List of Integrations

In this Weekly Update:

  1. Add Files Issue on Quercus
  2. Plagiarism Detection
  3. List of Integrations

Add Files Issue on Quercus

Attention! The Add Files button is currently missing on Quercus! We're not too sure what happened, but the Quercus Tech Team is working on fixing it.

For now, to add any new files onto Quercus, you'll have to manually go into the "Files" page and add your items from there. Apologies for any inconvenience!

Plagiarism Detection

The University's current plagiarism detection (Turnitin) will be expiring this year in December, but we are reviewing our future options. The four vendors being considered are:

Each vendor will be hosting their presentation in the form of a webinar, and instructors and professional staff are invited to attend. Your feedback is very important, and this is a perfect time to be familiarized with the tools we will be using in the near future. Each vendor will be presenting twice to accomodate as many schedules are feasible. Be sure to check out the calender here.

Integrations Supported by the University

The list of integrations for Fall has finally been released! Some notable projects include:

  • Canvas Analytics Beta: View your analytics for your course and students in the form of interactive graphs and tables!
  • Crowdmark: Grade student work anywhere, anytime.
    • Each department is responsible for its own licensing and pricing
  • Labster: A virtual lab experience perfect to supplement remote teaching.
  • NSSE: A survey mechanism used to gage the level of student participation in the US and Canada.
  • TopHat: Now with Quercus integration support!
  • And more!

Once again, thank you for all your contributions. Be sure to check out these tools to see if they can be integrated into your courses.

Have a Quercus (or EdTech) question? Please contact FASE's EdTech Office.

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