August 9th, 2019

This week: Quercus Loading Issues & How to Archive your Course

In this Weekly Update:

  1. Quercus Loading Issues
  2. This Week's Faculty Question: How can I archive my course?


Quercus Loading Issues

Incident Status **Resolved
Date Aug 7th, 2019
Category Service Disruption 
Info Some users are experiencing long load times when accessing Quercus, however issue has been resolved, and Quercus is loading normally once again. 

This Week's Faculty Question

Category Archiving Course

Question: How can I archive my Quercus course? My course will not be taught next year and I need to backup my course content.

Answer: In Quercus, there are two methods to archive your course:

1. Export your course to a file (.imscc) that can be stored on your drive, and can be reuploaded into Quercus at a later date. For more detailed instructions, please see How do I export a Canvas course?

2. Copy your course into your Sandbox (an empty course shell that only you have access to) for reference. This also allows you to copy this content back into your course at a later date. For more instructions on this, please visit Copying a course from your Course Shell to your Sandbox.

Have a Quercus question? Please contact FASE's EdTech Office.

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