Save the Date | EdTech Workshop 2023

It's happening! And we're back in person! The EdTech Workshop 2023: CTRL+Shift is taking place on May 17, 2023 in the Myhal Building.

CTRL +Shift is a play on the keyboard shortcut that removes extra formatting; we translate that as going back to the basics, removing the extraneous, and seeing what essentials are left behind. What are our priorities and values today? It's also about the "shift" that we've all recently experienced; the change in direction, of tendency, from who we were to who we are now. We're still the same people, but maybe we're a little bit different, too. The Workshop will highlight if, how, and why our values have undergone some transformation and how this "shift" is manifested through educational technology. As is our tradition, the sessions will be informal with authentic talks and presentations by faculty speakers from across the three U of T campuses, each sharing their perspective and reflection on this theme.

If you are a member of U of T's teaching and learning community, or would like to learn more about education technology use, this one day workshop is for you!

Register now for the EdTech Workshop 2023

Are you ready to register? We know it's early (we're still working on the program and other event logistics) and we'll feature more about the event in upcoming newsletters. If you can't wait, you are welcome to register now! This event is offered at no charge to the U of T community (all are welcome!) and includes a continental breakfast and a light lunch. 
To register, please login to your University of Toronto O365 account and submit the EdTech Workshop 2023 registration form.
Register for the EdTech Workshop 2023


Interested in volunteering? If you're interested in volunteering during the day, please submit this Volunteer Sign up form with your contact information. Anyone can volunteer. We’d love to have you and you’ll get a free t-shirt!
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