Let's welcome the ETO's Work Study Students

We would like to welcome Karissa Chen and Shaba Khan to the ETO team! They'll be joining us to help support the FASE Lecture Capture program; you'll see them moving from room to room, filming your classes.

Meet Karissa

Karissa is a second year Earth Science student pursuing both an English and Environmental Economics minor. In a perfect world where everything works out, she should finish a PHD in Earth Sciences and become a professor in the field.
Karissa is from the Greater Toronto Area (Markham specifically), and she enjoys skating, playing the piano, and spending time with her  family. A fun fact about Karissa is that she was proposed to by a friend in grade one, but replied with “Maybe when we’re older."
In the past, Karissa has taught piano, skating, and worked at a summer camp with young children which pushed her to want to pursue a teaching career. She loves interacting with new people, and learning more about things she hasn’t tried before  which is why she applied to work at the ETO! She is hoping to learn more about how technology is working to enhance learning experiences for students as well as skills such as editing and working with cameras.

Meet Shaba

Shaba is a second-year Mechanical Engineering student pursuing a Robotics and Engineering Business Minor. Shaba plans to pursue the bioengineering and mechatronics stream and one of her dreams is to hopefully contribute to cutting-edge biomedical devices in the future.

Shaba is originally from Vancouver, and she enjoys hiking, spending time outdoors and travelling. A fun fact about Shaba is that she was an Air Cadet for over 5 years, and at one point she really wanted to be pilot. Despite not being able to attend the Pilot Scholarship Course in cadets due to the pandemic, Shaba still really likes planes and would even consider working on planes as a Mechanical Engineer. As you can see, Shaba has many interests and can be indecisive at times, but this year Shaba’s focus is to discover her passions by trying out lots of different things and figuring out her career trajectory. One of the new things includes being part of the ETO! Shaba is really excited to be a part of the team and is looking forward to learning new technical skills by taking part in lecture capture and other projects at the ETO!
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