How Slido Can Help Run Better Tutorials/Q&A Sessions

A platform for polling and Q&A for virtual events. 

Maximize your Q&A time and display the top questions to your students using Slido.

How it works 

After the moderator of the event creates an event on Slido, the moderator can share the event code to the participants. Participants can navigate to Slido and enter the code to access a page where they can submit their own question or vote for questions to be answered. The moderator can share their screen to show the questions being voted on and submitted in real time. Watch the demo

Why it is useful

  1. Maximize your Q&A time
    • Participants decide which questions they would like to be discussed 
  2. Display the top questions to your students
    • Boost the engagement of your students by displaying the most popular question during the live Q&A


Slido is not integrated into Quercus or licensed by the University of Toronto. Read the post on How to safely implement third party tools in your course.
The most basic, free plan allows you to crowdsource the best questions from 500 participants. This means participants can submit and vote on other participants questions which they find useful. Other features such as exporting the questions asked by participants to .pdf or a .csv require a premium, paid account. 

Practical ways that you can use it

Tutorial and Lectures
  •   Brainstorming with your students what topic should be discussed
    • Using Slido Ideas, students submit their own ideas on a set topic or upvote the ones proposed by others. Then, during the meeting, you go through the ideas together and discuss them. 
    • Slido Demo Picture


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