How can we help you this summer?

What would be helpful for summer ETO Support Programming?

We're thinking about warmer and sunnier weather as we look towards summer ETO support programming. Each summer, we try to develop new or extended support resources that are helpful to you when and as you need them. Which leads us to ask - what would you like to learn more about and how do you want to learn it? Examples of previous resources are the Lessons Learned Webinar SeriesStart Strong course design modules, and content production tip sheets like self-recording instructional videos and how to film in teaching labs. These resources were all developed based on your feedback. 

Do you want more guides? Less guides? Videos? In person sessions? What topics are you thinking about these days?
The survey is very short (less than five minutes) and includes one topic ranking question (what are your priorities) and one modality question (how do you like to learn?). There's also a free text question for any other questions or comments. The survey will be open until April 22, 2022 but the sooner you submit, the better chance we'll be able to implement your idea(s)!


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