Helpful widgets to embed in your Quercus page

So, what exactly is a widget?

A widget is a small application embedded within an interface that provides quick access to information. The weather or calendar widgets found on your Android or iOS homescreens are all examples! We can also embed these types of applications in a Quercus page. When done right, they can be huge timesavers and improve the usability of your site for your students!

How does it work?

When  creating a Quercus page, we use either the rich text editor or the HTML editor. Typically, widgets use HTML code that you get from the original website to embed an application into your page. In rich text editor, you can use the Embed option to paste in the HTML code. Or, you can simply paste in the code when editing in HTML editor. 

Types of Widgets

Clock Widgets

One of the best widgets that you can embed in your Quercus couse home page is a clock for Eastern Standard Time. This can be really helpful for students who may be joining the class from other time zones. Another fun clock option is a world clock. 

You can also choose to include countdown widgets in your pages. They serve as reminders of important days (countdown to midterm) or things to look forward to (countdown to reading week!). Timeanddate.com has some great free clock and countdown timer options. Simply Google "free clock widget HTML" for more widget options. 

Calendar Widgets

To communicate the course schedule to your students, consider creating and embedding an online calendar of content delivery schedule and due dates in your Quercus page. This way, the schedule is easily accessible and any changes can be easily highlighted. See Add a Google calendar to your website

Announcement Widgets

Using the built-in announcements in Quercus keeps student informed of course update. You can easily display your most recent announcements at the top of your home page to increase visibility. See How do I show recent announcements in the Course Home Page?

If you have news communicated via Twitter, you can also embed a Twitter feed widget. Laura Gibbs from the University of Oklahoma has a guide on setting up Twitter widgets