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In this collaborative project between University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, and Lakehead University, a set of learning modules were developed to  support the teaching of an introductory course on Heavy Civil Engineering across all Civil Engineering programs in the province of Ontario. The topics that are covered include an introduction to heavy civil projects, principles of soil mechanics and aggregate production, equipment performance and planning, earth moving operations, tunneling operations, and a review of new technological advanced in heavy civil operations.

There are six learning modules in this project, together equivalent to a full one-semester course worth of material, appropriate for students in their first or second year of any Civil Engineering program in the province. A range of videos were developed for each module, explaining the concepts, examples and demonstrations of the heavy civil operations. The modules in this project could be used for inverted delivery of an introductory course on heavy civil engineering project and equipment management, or for the hybrid or online delivery of this content in a set of engineering, construction, and management courses. These modules are envisioned to partially or fully replace in-person lectures, and being paired with live webinars or in-person experiential learning activities, such as case study discussions, to create an effective and active learning experience.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Introduce students to the main categories of heavy civil projects and their unique characteristics and demands
  • Introduce students to the most commonly used heavy construction equipment, and enable them to evaluate, analyze, and choose an equipment fleet for a heavy civil project, based on the project requirements and circumstances
  • Support the learning of core heavy civil processes, including earth moving and tunneling activities, with enough depth to enable calculations of equipment and operation productivity and capacity for planning purposes
Project Components
Introduction to Heavy Civil Projects

This is an introductory module to the contents that are included in this project. This module consists of five summary videos, one for each of the modules in this project. Each video gives you a summary of the corresponding module, including the learning outcomes and objectives. By viewing these videos, you can decide if the contents of that module are of interest to you, your class, or your students. There videos can also be used as a re-cap or module summary in the classroom.

Principles of Soil Mechanics and Aggregate Production

This module presents an introduction to the fundamental concepts of heavy civil engineering, ranging from classification of rock and soil material, to aggregate production and soil material weight-volume relationships. Finally, factors influencing the soil compaction and the different equipment that can be used for compaction are introduced in this module.

Equipment Performance, Planning and Acquisition in Heavy Civil Operations

Equipment is an integral part of any heavy civil operation. In this module, equipment performance, planning and acquisition for heavy civil operations are discussed. Specifically, you will learn how to estimate required power, available power, and usable power of equipment. You will also be introduced to a framework to estimate cycle-time and productivity of equipment. Finally, heavy equipment acquisition will be discussed from a financial perspective, to help you plan the equipment needs of a project.

Earthmoving Operations and Equipment

Earthmoving is one of the main activities associated with heavy civil operations and is primarily equipment-driven. In this module, you will be introduced to a wide range of earthmoving equipment, from bulldozers to excavators and dump trucks. The application of each equipment as well is its power considerations and production levels are all covered in this module.

Tunneling Methods

This is an introductory module to tunnelling operations. In this module different tunneling methods are presented, including their application, history, limitations and strengths. These range from drill and blast to Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM), which have revolutionized the tunneling operations in recent years.

New Technologies in Heavy Civil Operations

In this module we will look at some of the state-of-art technologies in heavy civil operations, their current impact, and potential future. Specifically, 2D and 3D visual analytics are evaluated for automated reality capture and control of heavy civil operations using photogrammetry and 3D laser scanners, respectively. You will also be introduced to some of the robotics applications that can assist with harsh heavy construction environments.