Module Overview

Equipment is an integral part of any heavy civil operation. In this module, equipment performance, planning and acquisition for heavy civil operations are discussed. Specifically, you will learn how to estimate required power, available power, and usable power of equipment. You will also be introduced to a framework to estimate cycle-time and productivity of equipment. Finally, heavy equipment acquisition will be discussed from a financial perspective, to help you plan the equipment needs of a project.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain power considerations for heavy civil equipment, including rolling resistance, gradient, traction, altitude, and minimizing power requirements 
  • Analyze cycle times, fixed time, variable time, and operating efficiency
  • Calculate basic parameters used to select heavy equipment, such as Rimpull requirements, number of cycles, and cycle times.  
  • Calculate equipment cost and depreciation
  • Evaluate equipment replacement strategies 

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Equipment Profitability Graph | Download File (363.86 KB) CC BY
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