Module Overview

This module presents an introduction to the fundamental concepts of heavy civil engineering, ranging from classification of rock and soil material, to aggregate production and soil material weight-volume relationships. Finally, factors influencing the soil compaction and the different equipment that can be used for compaction are introduced in this module.

Learning Outcomes

  • Classify different categories of rocks and their origin, including igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, thermal metamorphic rocks and stress metamorphic rocks 
  • Identify aggregate sources, types, and properties
  • Explain and apply the concepts of unit weight, swelling, compaction, and volume capacity as they related to heavy civil engineering projects 
  • Explain the factors influencing the method and level of soil compaction
  • Discuss different compaction equipment and their effectiveness in different soil types 

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Rock Material Comparison Chart | Download File (5.72 MB)
Particles and Grain Size | Download File (3.57 MB)
Aggregate Strength | Download File (454.03 KB)
Compaction | Download File (535.83 KB)
Compaction Curve | Download File (315.79 KB)
Compaction Equipment | Download File (4.2 MB)
Compaction Tests | Download File (526.65 KB)
Gradation Curve | Download File (653.61 KB)
Nuclear Densometer | Download File (305.22 KB)
Soil Weight Volume Relationships | Download File (309.35 KB)
Volumetric Measure - Bank Volume | Download File (811.59 KB)
Volumetric Measure - Compacted Volume | Download File (805.03 KB)
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Crushing Rocks | Link
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