Module Overview

In this module we will look at some of the state-of-art technologies in heavy civil operations, their current impact, and potential future. Specifically, 2D and 3D visual analytics are evaluated for automated reality capture and control of heavy civil operations using photogrammetry and 3D laser scanners, respectively. You will also be introduced to some of the robotics applications that can assist with harsh heavy construction environments.  

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the most common technologies that the industry uses for different applications 
  • Convert a 2D image to its digital representation
  • Explain how image processing can be important for construction site monitoring 
  • Distinguish between image-based and laser based methods for point cloud acquisition
  • Explain the benefits of robots used for task performance in harsh heavy construction environments 

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2D Imaging | Download File (764.05 KB)
Analysis Outcome Flatness Control | Download File (1.22 MB)
Analysis Outcome Visualization | Download File (2.12 MB)
Comparison of 3D Data Collection Methods Chart | Download File (171.27 KB)
Control Systems Diagrams | Download File (146.71 KB)
Geometry Analysis for Quality Control | Download File (1.37 MB)
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Occulsion | Download File (5.85 MB)
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