Module Overview

This is an introductory module to tunnelling operations. In this module different tunneling methods are presented, including their application, history, limitations and strengths. These range from drill and blast to Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM), which have revolutionized the tunneling operations in recent years.

Learning Outcomes

  • List the geological conditions that affect tunneling operations
  • Explain the drilling and blasting processes as they relate to tunneling operations
  • Differentiate between machine tunneling in soft and hard ground and identify the type of equipment used in each case
  • Evaluate the application, history, limitations, and strengths of each tunneling method

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Liner Plate | Download File (179.87 KB)
Rock Bolts | Download File (554.48 KB)
Rotary Drilling | Download File (431.86 KB)
Rove Tunnel Sections | Download File (437.26 KB)
Bedding Orientation | Download File (599.97 KB)
RQD Calculation | Download File (315.17 KB)
Blasting Patterns | Download File (315.85 KB)
Seismic Refraction | Download File (385.34 KB)
Borehole | Download File (387.19 KB)
Seismic Refraction | Download File (385.34 KB)
Boring Samples | Download File (825.59 KB)
Soil Augers | Download File (335.39 KB)
Bottom Up Construction | Download File (102.93 KB)
Top Down Construction | Download File (193.49 KB)
Cast In Place Concrete | Download File (533.38 KB)
Tunnel Cross Sections | Download File (301.49 KB)
Channel Tunnel Diagram | Download File (695.89 KB)
Types of Roadheaders | Download File (445.39 KB)
Compressed Air and Ground Freezing | Download File (324.66 KB)
Unitary Excavation | Download File (702.92 KB)
Cutting Bit | Download File (645.73 KB)
Wash Boring | Download File (367.86 KB)
Electrical Resistivity | Download File (509.29 KB)
2D Image Analysis | Download File (246.27 KB)
Faults and Shear Zones | Download File (547.34 KB)
3D Point Cloud Acquisition | Download File (2.64 MB)
Folds | Download File (1.31 MB)
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