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This project consists of four learning modules on engineering ethics that will guide a student from ethical conduct at university through to ethical conduct in the profession. These modules could be used for inverted delivery of an ethics course, or for the hybrid delivery of ethics content in a set of courses. We envision these modules partially or fully replacing in-person lectures, and being paired with in-person experiential learning activities such as case study discussions to create an effective, active learning experience.

The learning modules in this project represent a full one-semester course worth of material. However, they are designed for use across the curriculum in all engineering programs. The module topics start at a first year level with content that is appropriate for orienting students new to university to the expectations of the university environment. The modules progress with the students’ development, culminating in material that is appropriate for preparing new engineers entering the workplace. The modules can be used in a hybrid approach: where the student works through the module outside of class, and is then prepared to engage in discussion of ethical issues and case studies in class.
These modules have been produced in French.

Project Components
Academic Integrity

The objective of this module is to provide all entry-level students with a common understanding of the ethical expectations in the University environment.

Academic Conduct

The objective of this module is to provide all entry-level students with a common understanding of the academic conduct expectations in the University environment.

Intellectual Property

The objective of this relatively short module is for students to achieve a common understanding of intellectual property (IP) law in Canada.

Professional Law and Ethics for Engineers

This module is designed to help prepare the graduating students for their future careers as licensed professional engineers and is intended for inclusion in upper years of study. The case studies in this module will be drawn from the experiences of recent graduates and other professionals working in the engineering profession.