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Dynamics is a challenging course, particularly in the first year curriculum. We cover particle and rigid body kinetics and kinematics as well as vibration. On top of learning this new material, students have midterms and projects due in other courses that distract from keeping up with material. This project encompasses all material covered in MIE100 – and will be expanded as time allows to update learning goals. 
At this time, this project is composed of videos only. It is not anticipated that quizzes or assessments will be offered as these are best chosen by instructors. Because of the pandemic, the version offered at the University of Toronto  in 2021 does offer quizzes and homework.

Example of a video from the project:

Learning Outcomes

These short videos are a complete dynamics course comprised of short concentrated videos.

Project Components
MIE100 Dynamics YouTube Video Playlist (Complete)

This is the lecture order for MIE100 at the University of Toronto. Chapter references are to Hibbeler (14th SI edition). Other texts pretty much follow the same organization except for the particle kinematics chapter (12 here). The particle kinematics chapter is often presented in different orders - but all of the same concepts are generally followed.

Additional information can be found at about MIE100 (Dynamics) and MIE1207 (Turbulence) can be found at Turbulence Research Lab > Courses.