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This is a video series hosted by Prof. McCahan. The videos are a series of interviews conducted online with a variety of industry professionals. They focus on the topic of design. Please note that while sharing within the UofT Community is encouraged (the videos are not available publicly), this project is not an open educational resource and is not intended for re-editing or re-purposing.
When asked about the project, Prof. McCahan said, "sometimes the concepts in engineering design can seem very nebulous. The “Meet a Design Expert” series is an opportunity to hear from people working in the field about how these concepts are part of industry practice."
For this project, the EdTech Office designed an introductory video sequence (using After Effects), provided advice to Prof. McCahan and guests about maximizing their self-recording, and edited the final product. If you're interested in participating in a media production project, please schedule a consultation to discuss your project or email us directly at fase.edtech@utoronto.ca.

Example of Guest Introduction; sample of video styling:



Learning Outcomes

Students will gain insight into the various experiences of industry professionals and their unique relationships with the design process. 
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Meet a Design Expert Video List

This is a complete list of the videos that have been created as part of Prof. McCahan's Meet a Designer video series. The videos are hosted on UofT's MyMedia video hosting service and are available for viewing and sharing within the UofT Community.