With quality teaching as one of the University’s core missions, instructional space plays a crucial role in fulfilling this aim. As a steward of these important facilities, Academic + Campus Events (ACE) is committed to developing accessible, innovative, and effective purpose-built classrooms that support the needs of all stakeholders.

Your invited to explore technologies utilized in the Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) classrooms. Come learn about the wired and wireless presentation capabilities with advanced audio/video routing and screen sharing. Build confidence around the user experience and see firsthand how easy it is to navigate the touchscreen to command this powerful suite of resources.

This year, the three panelists (collectively) taught courses in ten of the new Myhal TEAL spaces. Focusing on their experiences in the third and fourth floor classrooms, they will discuss how they planned and adapted lessons to overcome challenges and take advantage of opportunities provided by these new environments.

Myhal 150 is a daunting room to enter on the first day of classes. It is far more frightening for the teacher. How do you use a room whose screens (at a total of about 750 sq. ft.) are larger than the average Toronto rental condo (724 sq. ft., according to the Financial Post)? What do you choose to display when you can show up to eight of the 118 different video input channels (and ten or more of the 115 audio channels, one of which is independent of all controls)?

Many of us already make adjustments to class activities in real time based on student response, whether it’s by watching faces/body language to get a sense of what they’re understanding, using clickers, or using some of the free “backchanneling” apps available to get students actively involved in lectures (e.g., PollEverywhere, Kahoot!, Socrative). But sometimes the possibilities are overwhelming. It’s hard enough to pick up on the physical cues of student engagement and integrate them in real time; harder still to layer on some of these technologies and use them well.