MY Manual – A user’s guide to UofT’s Jumbotron

Date of Session: 2019

This session will be filmed/recorded.

Myhal 150 is a daunting room to enter on the first day of classes. It is far more frightening for the teacher. How do you use a room whose screens (at a total of about 750 sq. ft.) are larger than the average Toronto rental condo (724 sq. ft., according to the Financial Post)? What do you choose to display when you can show up to eight of the 118 different video input channels (and ten or more of the 115 audio channels, one of which is independent of all controls)?

In this session we will walk you through the use of much of the room’s technological capability, starting with all you really need to run your class, all the way to how to handle the day that you decide to wow the students with a Canada Day’s worth of fireworks. The presentation possibilities in MY150 are nearly endless and we have tried many of them.

We’ll share and analyze all of our epic fails so that you can avoid them. We’ll also share the two distinct evolutions of our presentation formats towards the ones that we feel work best for each of our unique (read: quirky) styles. You can decide what might work well for you.

Note: A user’s manual will be provided for all attendees. You can download or view the Manual online.

Miss the session? Watch the recording!

About the Session Leaders: Scott and Shai are professors in the Engineering faculty, teaching Materials Science and Mathematics, respectively.  They are not normally allowed to work together, as they are far too demanding and full of outlandish ideas. The Educational Technology Office arranged a special exemption for them to be co-presenters of this workshop.

Presentation Files: PDF icon MY Manual - PDF.pdf

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