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What is the EdTech Workshop?

The University of Toronto is at the forefront of new technologies designed to enhance students’ learning inside and outside the lecture hall. Each year, the EdTech Workshop picks a theme and plans a program that showcases best practices for innovating teaching and learning, presented by some of the University’s leaders in educational technology.

(Pedagogy + Practice) x Purpose = EDTECH2017

The EdTech Workshop 2017 will have three sub-themes: Pedagogy, Practice, and Purpose, which together, form the main theme of the workshop. The day will begin with disgestable content chunks:
  1. Pedagogy: Which tools work and why?
  2. Practice: How do you implement EdTech effectively?
  3. Purpose: When should you implement and why?

It will continue by looking at the big picture of learning: how to evaluate whether EdTech is changing learning, how to innovate effectively and strategically, and how to transform learning with a purpose. The Workshop will feature sessions presented by both Instructors and staff on best practices as well as case studies of implementations.  Sessions will be honest reflections on what worked, what didn't, and what their plans on for future improvements and changes. 

We hope you'll join us for a one day workshop as we reflect on how to define learning strategies and outcomes with the goal of maximizing how and when to use EdTech learning tools.

Who founded the Workshop?

The workshop was developed in 2011 by Harpreet Dhariwal - now, 2011 doesn't seem that long ago, but in technology terms, it was. He saw the future of EdTech and was one of the first on campus to really promote and encourage instructors to think big about EdTech. After Harpreet's passing, we do our best to continue this Day in the tone of his spirit and enthusiasm.

Workshop Content

Below are the videos from EDTech 2017 which took place on May 12th.  They include various presentations from some of the University's leaders in educational technology.  All of the presentations touch upon differerent elements of this years them (Pedagogy + Practice) x Purpose.  They are divided into 7 sessions.  

Project Components
Opening Session

Opening Keynote Speaker: Susan McCahan, Vice Provost, Innovations in Undergraduate Education

Session 2
Laurie Harrison
Open eTexts – Catching the Wave
Jeffrey Harris
Getting started online: how to create online videos from your existing powerpoint slides
Arash Shahi & Brenda McCabe
Interactive Online Modules

Session 3
Laurie Harrison
Online Module Design
Daniel Frances
Asynchronous Online Course Design
Engaging students in active learning at UTM
Session 4
Nadine Ibrahim,  Chibulu Luo, Murray Metcalfe
(Scalability + Sustainable Cities) x Africa 
Sam Chan
Launching a Competency Based Curriculum for the MD Program
Adon Irani and Elaine Khoo
Vocabulary Expansion Accelerator


Session 5
Save time with Crowdmark
Using feedback to develop (and assess) students’ critical & creative thinking skills. 
Top Hat
Engaging Today's Students


Session 6
Instructor Experience:  Lisa-Marie Collimore & Dwayne E. Pare
Top Hat
Instructor Experience: Micah Stickel
Closing Session

Closing Keynote Speaker:  Professor Mihnea Moldoveanu, Rotman