We'd like to introduce you to the session leaders participating in the EdTech Workshop 2019. More bios will be posted as they are received!

EdTech Workshop 2019 Session Leaders
Name Session Title Details
Mark Pellegrino | Regional Sales Manager, Crestron Technical Institute What's the big TEAL?! An electro-mechanical technologist participating in the design and implementation of (Active Learning) Classroom Technology across Canada for close to 20 years.
Lillian Hogendoorn | Digital Access and Open Educational Resources Lead From Flat to Fab: Creating Interactive Textbooks with Pressbooks Lillian Hogendoorn is the Digital Access and Open Educational Resources lead at eCampusOntario, an nonprofit that supports technology-enabled learning at Ontario's 45 colleges and universities. In this role, she manages the infrastructure that supports the creation, adaptation, and use of open educational resources. Lillian has a background in digital scholarship and has expertise in copyright and open licensing.
Julia Smeed | Innovation Projects OfficerUniversity of Toronto Innovation Hub Julia is a leader and social innovator specializing in design thinking, and collaborative methodologies that strive to design programs with students rather than for them. She leads the Innovation Hub at the University of Toronto, a unique student-led ‘design firm’ that works with partners on campus to improve the student experience using human-centered design thinking (http://uoft.me/innovationhub). Julia also teaches courses in design thinking and leadership at UofT’s School of Continuing Studies. Julia holds an MBA in Global Leadership and a BA in Psychology. Julia is also the Secretary of the Council on Student Services at the University of Toronto, and has presented the Innovation Hub’s work at various higher education conferences across Canada.
Jennifer Farmer | Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry (ChemE) One Size Fits All?: Designing for and Adapting to New Spaces Jennifer Farmer is a Teaching-Stream Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry. Prof. Farmer's research interests are primarily within the field of Applied Chemistry and Engineering with a focus in undergraduate laboratory instructions. Currently, she is working on the development of innovative and stimulating applied chemistry experiments for second year students that enhances student learning and engagement with core curriculum material. One of her particular interests is the incorporation of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) pedagogy into her lab courses to study the effects PBL has on student's learning with respect to critical thinking, retention of knowledge, and development of professional skills (e.g., teamwork, writing and verbal communication, and life-long learning). She has had the opportunity to deliver her dry-labs in the TEAL rooms of the Myhal Centre and is looking forward to discussing her experiences with you today.
Jason Bazylak | Associate Professor Teaching Stream / ESP Course Coordinator Over my 10 years coordinating our first year engineering design course I have seen major changes in content and delivery. However this year, with our move into the Myhal 150 Active Learning classroom, those previous changes seem tiny in comparison. I and my amazing teaching team continue to deliver one of the most complex engineering courses to teach using the latest and greatest pedagogy and education technology.
Erin Hanlon | Student, Faculty of Information Mapping the TEAL Teaching Experience: Presenting User Research Findings Erin and Nadine are two UofT students in the UX concentration at the Faculty of Information.
Emily Carlisle | Open at Scale From Flat to Fab: Creating Interactive Textbooks with Pressbooks Emily Carlisle is the Editorial Lead for Open at Scale projects at eCampusOntario. She is also a professional trained librarian, with former experience serving as a Scholarly Communications and Research Data Management Librarian.
Elham Marzi | Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream Enhancing the Individual Learning Experience via Class-sourcing and Teamwork Professor Elham Marzi is a Teaching Stream faculty member in the newly formed Institute for Studies in Transdisciplinary Engineering Education & Practice here at the University of Toronto. She teaches in areas inclusive of Organizational Behaviour, HRM, Strategy, and Negotiations in the Business Minor Program. She has a passion for teaching and getting students engaged through active learning. She is highly interested in developing innovative teaching techniques and strategies that can contribute to the students learning and experiences in the classroom.
Elaine Khoo | Associate Professor, Teaching Small Teaching: Leveraging Technology for Inclusive Engagement in Courses Elaine Khoo, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, at the Centre for Teaching and Learning, UTSC. She is engaged in pedagogical research aimed at developing ways of accelerating students’ Academic English so that they can contribute more effectively at university. Her passion to support students in overcoming initial language- and culture-related challenges resulted in the development of the Vocabulary Expansion Accelerator (VEA) to provide scalable online support to students in their courses. Developed through the ITIF and LEAF grants, VEA is now integrated into Quercus and accessible on all three campuses.
Dr. Steve Treiber | Sessional LecturerDepartment of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry (ChemE) On-line learning from the classroom   Prof. Treiber teaches engineers how to start a successful business.    
Dr. Olivier St-Cyr | Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream From online teaching back to a TEAL classroom Olivier St-Cyr is an Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream in the Faculty of Information (iSchool) at the University of Toronto and a Cross-Appointed Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto. He is interested in the relationships between physical learning spaces and students' learning.
AltDr. Kimia Moozeh | Postdoctoral Fellow, ISTEPInstitute for Studies in Transdisciplinary Engineering Education & Practice (ISTEP) Virtual Labs: From Research to Reality My research interests include laboratory-based learning and online learning. My PhD thesis included development and evaluation of an instructional structure to enhance learning in undergraduate laboratories. I am currently working on developing and evaluating virtual labs in Chemistry, Environment, and Engineering.
AltDr. Jennifer Harris | Associate Professor, Undergraduate Teaching Liaison Can ungrading be a mainstay in assessment? Trained as a medievalist, engaged in the study of religion. I serve in my department at the online and undergraduate teaching liaison, assisting my colleagues in developing effective pedagogy. I am particularly interested in ways of rethinking traditional pedagogy, e.g., ungrading. Grateful recipient of the Outstanding Teacher Award in the University of Toronto's Faculty of Arts and Science for 2020/21.
Dr. Jeffrey Castrucci | Research AssociateDepartment of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry (ChemE) Adventures in SCORM Files Jeffrey has served the University of Toronto as a lecturer and course developer, with a focus on helping students to connect their everyday experiences to engineering theory. He is active in the engineering safety community including having worked as a content developer for Minerva Safety Management. Jeffrey is also the Process Quality Manager at Aqua Bond, a liquid and powder blending chemical manufacturer.
Dr. Graeme Norval | Associate Professor, Teaching StreamDepartment of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry (ChemE) Adventures in SCORM Files Graeme Norval, Ph.D., P.Eng., is an Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, University of Toronto.  He has been lecturing in process design since 2004.  His prior work experience was in the chlor-alkali industry with Pioneer, formerly CIL, where he was a senior research engineer.  He is the principal of GWN Chemical Consulting, Inc., and provides technical and engineering support to various chemical manufacturers and repackagers across North America in support of the use of chlorine, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, bleach, and related chemicals.   He has introduced concepts of safety and safety management into the chemical engineering design courses at the University of Toronto.  Further, he is actively involved with Minerva Canada in delivering their Summer Institutes, in which the basics of safety and safety management are taught to university professors, in order to boost the teaching of these subjects.  Further, he is part of the team that is developing e-modules, which will be freely available to all students in Canada; these will provide the fundamental building blocks of safety education for all students, and will fill the gap between the regular curriculum and the elements that industry desires.   In 2012, he was appointed to the Province of Ontario's Prevention Council, a group which helps set the direction for the Ministry of Labour's prevention activities with the goal of improving workplace health and safety.  He is chair of the CAN/CSA Z-767 Process Safety Management committee.