Our experience teaching ESC103F in the Myhal TEAL rooms: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (not really)!

Session Description

In this presentation, we will review our experience running ESC103F tutorials pre-2017 in “old-style” tutorial rooms found in buildings like Bahen and Wallberg, our transition year in 2017 where we ran tutorials in both “old-style” rooms and the pilot TEAL room in Sandford Fleming, and our move into the Myhal TEAL rooms in 2018. The talk will focus on the 3 types of TEAL rooms we used this past fall semester, namely MY320, MY350/370, and MY360, and will highlight what worked well, what did not work so well, and suggested areas for improvement.

Note: ESC103F is a course taught to first year Engineering Science students. The class size is approximately 300 students divided into 12 sections of 25 students.

This session will be filmed/recorded.

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Session Leader(s):
TA + Ph.D Student