Engineering in a Changing Climate – The Collaborative Development of a Transdisciplinary Workshop Series

Engaging with students
Date of Session: May 17, 2023

This session will be filmed/recorded.

Climate change poses an imminent threat to humanity through its increased stress on infrastructure (among other stresses), leading to increasingly deadly natural disasters, food shortages, and the failure of our built environment. Despite the clear need for collaboration between climate scientists and civil engineers to address and adapt to this threat, there are limited post-secondary educational and training resources available to students at the climate science-engineering interface. To address this gap, the University of Toronto's Centre for Climate Science and Engineering in collaboration with the University of Western Ontario developed a short-duration, online learning opportunity targeted at senior undergraduate and graduate engineering and climate science students at this educational interface. In this presentation, I will discuss the the challenges and successes of this collaborative endeavour.

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Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
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