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This course introduces quality control techniques applicable in various engineering settings. These techniques are widely used in monitoring and improving the quality of both products and services. Topics include process quality inferences, statistical process control, various control charts, system capability analysis, design of experiments, and acceptance sampling. Various simulation models will be used to represent and generate data sets in various settings, for analysis and charting with widely available software.

The course can be accessed over the Internet, to allow wider participation by students. Video lectures are posted daily during the course. Students are expected to do problems between video postings, and can access an online office hour daily 4-5 pm EST. Students submit a daily assignment online, and write an in-person final exam soon after the course is completed.


Learning Outcomes

Example Day 01 Learning outcomes:

After today you will be able to:

  1. Assign ranks to numerical data in more ways than one
  2. Graph numerical data in more ways than one
  3. Summarize numerical data in more ways than one
  4. Understand basic probability concepts
Project Components
There are currently no other components associated with this project. Likely, this project was part of the Remote Editing Program or was a one-off video project.