How to Access the Minerva Safety Modules

What are the Minerva Online Health and Safety modules?  

The Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering has licenced a series of four online Online Health and Safety courses from Minerva Canada Safety Management Education. Each of the four courses includes 6 to 8 modules that can be completed in any order.  Each course also comes with optional testing materials (i.e., multiple-choice quizzes). 

  1. Course 100: Provides an overview of health and safety in the workplace, focusing on specific hazards engineers may encounter in their workplaces and ways to manage these hazards
  2. Course 200: Revisits some of the topics discussed in Course 100 and introduces some new concepts, focussing on hazard identification, risk assessment, and risk management and some important considerations and systems to effectively manage Health and Safety.
  3. Course 300: Builds on the concepts and topics discussed in Course 100 and Course 200, looking at those concepts in greater detail.
  4. Course 400: Topics in this latest module (added in Summer 2022) include Process Safety Management, Electrical Safety, Radiation Safety, Robotics Safety, Risk and Crisis Communications, Managing Change, Health and Wellness, and Managing Excellence in Health and Safety. 

NOTE: These modules are supplementary teaching resources that FASE course instructors and departments can incorporate into their course safety training, safety lectures, departmental orientations, and facility training. Completion of these modules does not constitute training by U of T from an administrative perspective. The official U of T safety training must be done via EHS My Training

Can I preview the modules?

The ETO has created a Quercus course designed to let FASE instructors preview the Minerva modules as a student, before requesting access to the modules and uploading them to their own Quercus course. You can self-enrol in the course using the following link: https://uoft.me/MinervaModules.

NOTE: Students should not be enrolled in the preview course to complete the Minerva modules. If you are a FASE instructor and wish to assign the Minerva courses to students, you will need to request access to the modules and then upload them to your own Quercus course.  

How can I access the modules for use in my Quercus course?

If you are an instructor in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at UofT and would like to use the Minerva Online Health and Safety modules modules in your classes, you can request access to the modules by completing the form on this page.

After you've submitted this form:

You will receive an email with the link to the folder containing the modules and the optional testing materials for each of the four courses. The modules are packaged as SCORM zip files and can be imported into Quercus as Assignments or Pages. To use the modules in your course, follow the instructions on our guide: How do I upload a SCORM package  to my Quercus Course? The optional testing materials are in text file format and the questions would need to be added manually to a Quiz. 
For questions about uploading the modules to your course, please contact us at fase.edtech@utoronto.ca or schedule a consultation with one of our Educational Technologists.