What is FASE's Remote Editing Program?

We've designed a remote editing process that you allows the Education Technology Office to provide editing services for your self-captured video content without having to visit us in the studio for recording (though you'd be welcome, of course!). The goal of this project is to offer quick turnaround for videos; to accomplish this, we are keeping the video editing light. We can help polish your content by adding graphic elements (e.g. a title intro) and trimming and chunking your content. This process - intentionally quick! - is not a complete re-design of your content (e.g. one fifty minute recording becomes several, smaller, more focused shorter videos). We're taking what you have and making the most out of it, so that you can use it in future terms to provide an additional learning pathway for your students. If you're not quite sure whether this process is for you, you can schedule a consultation and we can talk a bit more and review your options. Check out our shared remote editing projects

We do our best to accept new projects on a rolling basis. If possible, it is helpful to make this request one month before your term begins so that we can allocate weekly editing time. This will allow us to begin editing as soon as possible and to continue editing during the term (staying ahead of your course schedule, as needed).

How to Join the Remote Editing Program

To learn more about participating in the program, please submit this webform: Request to Participate in the Remote Editing Process

What does the remote editing process look like?

  1. Schedule an initial project consultation
  2. Approve the design template for your project
  3. Create your first video
  4. Send for editing
  5. Review editing
  6. Save and/or share the videos

Can you participate in the program if you don't already have recorded content?

If you don't currently have content to be edited (or are creating new content and would like like some editing assistance), we can still help! We just add a few steps to the process to help ensure that you're recording the highest quality content that you can (with whatever hardware and software that you have). You'd also be welcome to join us in studio, where we can set you up for self-recording or film you. To get started, book a content production consultation.