Who can request a new Quercus course using this form?

This request form is for those in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering who are requesting a student facing, academic related course in Quercus that are not automatically generated by ROSI. Before submitting this form, please review our documentation on what you should know about managing a non-ROSI Quercus course shell (see How can I request a new Quercus course?).

What is a permanent Quercus course?

Permanent Quercus courses are intended for teaching and learning activities. Courses created during this process are permanent (outside of the academic calendar) and require manual enrollment maintenance (no automatic sync with ROSI). Permanent courses require a faculty or staff sponsor at all times. 

If you are thinking about an administrative use, we would encourage you to consider if MS Teams or Sharepoint would be an alternate solution.

How long does it take for the request to happen?

Please note that this is a manual process; please allow for 48 - 72 hours for processing. If there's a rush required, please email fase.edtech@utoronto.ca to flag this for us and we'll do our best to complete your request as quickly as possible.