Request a Studio Filming Session

What types of filming can I do in the studio?

The studio space is set up to record different styles of video, including lightboard, chalkboard, interview-style, etc. We also have a station set up for self-capturing. This station has the hardware and software you need to make your own content (and we'll even help you set it up!). The space is large and flexible; if you have an idea, we'd love to help you make it work. You can also review our commonly used video formats (see An Overview of Different Formats for Video Production (and their strengths/weaknesses))

What should I expect during filming?

We will support you through the filming process, from start to finish:

  1. Preparation for Filming - We can meet to discuss how to get the most out of your filming session and answer your questions.
  2. Day of Fimling - We will help you get set up (if self-recording) or film you (if using an assisted modality, like the lightboard)
  3. Post Filming - We can transfer the files directly to you or help you edit and produce them. If the latter, we do need a bit of lead time as editing can take a few days.

Before Submitting your Studio Filming Request

Before submitting this form, please:

  1. Take a look at our example videos. Our studio space accomodates filming on a green screen (example video), a lightboard (example video), a chalkboard (example video), or a generic desk set-up that can be customized to your needs (example video).
  2. Don't hesitate to suggest a new format! if you have a new or different idea, let us know and we'd be happy to brainstorm a solution with you.

Submit the form below to request one-time-only filming in the ETO Studio

Note that filming is currently limited the FASE community.