Presentation Title:  Engaging students in active learning at UTM

Since 2015, 4,240 students have participated in 57 courses that have been held in two pilot technology-enhanced active learning classrooms (ALCs) at UTM. This project is a collaborative effort involving instructors, TAs, students, and the UTM cross-unit ALC Team.

This session will focus on a combination of pedagogy, practice and purpose; we will share several instructor- and librarian-led case studies of active learning activities in two UTM pilot technology-enhanced active learning classrooms, and provide an overview of some of the supports in place to assist instructors, TAs, and students.


Dianne Ashbourne

Kenneth Berry

Seya De Silva Samararatne

Sherry Fukuzawa

Diane Michaud: 

Christoph Richter: Prof. Richter teaches biological diversity, ecology, statistics and marine mammalogy at UTM. His research focuses on impacts of deer on urban environments, factors influencing students' mental health, the development of a large-scale, student-run ecological database, and how to engage students with content.

Simone Laughton

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