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April 27, 2021 - Special Edition for the EdTech Workshop 2021

FASE's EdTech Tip Sheet

Compiled for the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Community, straight from the Education Technology Office, and sharing everything you should know about education technology news, events, & support.

All about the EdTech Workshop 2021! What is the EdTech Workshop? · Day of Logistics · Session Details · Opening Keynote · Virtual Conference Must Haves · FAQs  · Prizes! · Register now!
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Welcome to the (first ever) Special Edition of the EdTech Tip Sheet! 

We've dropped some of our regular features (they'll be back for the May edition) to focus on FASE's upcoming EdTech Workshop 2021: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (it's less than two weeks away!). This year's event will take place on May 07, 2021 from 10 - 4 pm.

This special edition features everything you need to know about the EdTech Workshop 2021
  1. What is the EdTech Workshop?
  2. How will the day work?
  3. What types of sessions are there?
  4. Tell me about the prizes.
  5. Answers to other frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Do I need to read this if I've already signed up? You could probably skip right to the section on how to view the program for this year's event, how to create a custom timetable, and how to find the web conferencing information for each session you select. Jump to the "Sessions" section.

Are you ready for the EdTech Workshop?

What is the EdTech Workshop?

The EdTech Workshop has a long history (going back to Harpreet Dhariwal's work in 2009) of being a rather wonderfully informal place to share, peer to peer, what has been learned when implementing technology into teaching. This year has been especially something (let's say fruitful) in this area and we hope that you'll join us to interact with your colleagues and peers, share a little about things that both did and did not work for you, and reflect on the past year while looking towards future terms.

Keynote Opening Session

Keep, Toss, or Re-purpose?

What are the post-COVID trends that will shape higher education?

Prof. Susan McCahan | Prof. McCahan will discuss the overall trends in higher education and what we are likely to see post-pandemic. This will include trends such as blended learning, microcredentials, and a rise in learning analytics. This is not Prof. McCahan's first workshop! See her previous EdTech Workshop 2019 session  Design with Purpose: Pedgagogical Underpinnings that Strengthen New Spaces (with Prof. Carol Rolheiser).

How will the day work?

We've planned a day long virtual EdTech Workshop 2021 - but that doesn't mean you need to commit for the whole day! We know how much demand there is on your time these days and have intentionally enabled dropping in (and dropping out) as needed. As always, registration is free! The EdTech Workshop is open to the UofT community - all roles! - at no charge.

Here's the high-level stuff you need to know:
  1. All the sessions will be hosted on Microsoft Teams. When you register, you're able to select specific sessions. These all have a Teams meeting attached to them and you can add this to your calendar to attend only what you're interested in.
  2. All the fun stuff will happen on Gather.town. This virtual space is a bonus - it is completely non-essential for you to attend the sessions for the day (you can choose to login or not; you'll be able to access all the sessions regardless. We're building our own space for the day, so look out for some hidden surprises. And yes, there'll be a Bingo Scavenger Hunt, too! (Explore what Gather.town is on their website).
Throughout the day, you'll virtually move between Teams sessions, dropping into Gather.town when you want/need a break or if you'd like to catch up with one of the speakers outside of their session (we'll post a chat schedule soon!). We've built in 15 minutes of break time between sessions, too.
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What types of sessions are there?

There are 15 sessions in three theme streams (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and the session leaders represent five faculties from across the University of Toronto St. George Campus. We've published the session information from our pretty awesome group of speakers on the EdTech Workshop 2021: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Session overview

EdTech Workshop 2021 Timetable is now published!

We recommend that you review the timetable on the EdTech Workshop 2021 Registration page (scroll down to below the event information) and plan out your sessions (all hosted on MS Teams) for the day. You won't be able to sign up for sessions until after you've registered - so do that first!

See these guides if you're wondering how to:
  1. Sign up for Conference Sessions
  2. Access web conferencing details for sessions


Introducing the PJ Prize Pack!

PJ as in pajamas! We're embracing the work-from-home life and our prizes this year are geared towards making your remote work a little more comfortable. Relax on virtual meetings in a comfy lounge set, spice-up your on camera time with a smart lightbulb (you can change the hue!) or de-stress on your 8th video call with a fidget cube. Prizes go to those who complete the Bingo game the quickest! (More instructions to come!)


Frequently Asked Questions about the EdTech Workshop 2021

  1. Will the sessions be recorded? We'll do our best to record and post videos to the Workshop website. If you'd like to be notified of these videos, please register. That way, you'll definitely be on our mailing list and be notified when they are published. Note: Not all sessions will be recorded; you can see which will and will not on their session information pages
  2. Do I have to attend the whole day? Absolutely not! You can attend as much or as little works for you; or, attend nothing! If you register, you'll be on our list to notify you when the recordings become available. 
  3. Can I win the UofT PJ Prize pack if I don't complete the Bingo game? No, no you cannot. You must play to win!
  4. When does registration close? One of the best parts about a virtual conference is that you can sign up right up to the day of. However, if you register within 72 hours of the conference start, we cannot guarantee that you'll receive the attendee package nor any personalized materials for the day. We'll do our best, though.
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