Welcome James!

The ETO is thrilled to introduce our newest team member: James Zhan! James is our new Education Media Specialist and will be working on projects like Exploration Studies Resources and Reserve (ESRR), the Sharps Safety Module, and ePump. You might have already met James at the EdTech Workshop 2023, where he joined us a bit early to help out with the event. Here's to making it official!

James is a media production professional specializing in audio engineering and educational video production. He is passionate about everything related to multimedia, technology, and audio-visual equipment. Over the 8 years he’s worked in media production, he has acquired a wide range of skills such as audio mixing and mastering, video editing, motion graphic design, photography, and workshop instruction.
Before joining ETO, James has worked as a mixing and mastering audio engineer, producing numerous records and singles for musicians worldwide since 2015. In 2020, he started a YouTube channel with the goal of providing the music production community with high-quality educational videos on audio software, music technology, and audio engineering. To make dull, technical information more engaging and interesting, James designed and incorporated visually captivating motion graphics and animation in his videos. It is through creating educational content on YouTube that he fell in love with video production and motion graphic design in an educational context. 
James also loves all the technical aspects of video production—he would be the person who compares the differences in dynamic range among various video formats, who obsesses over video codecs, who edits videos on calibrated displays, and who always stays up-to-date with the latest and hottest cameras and lenses in the market. He is beyond excited to bring his passion and skills to ETO, and is eager to learn from his colleagues.
When he is not working, James is either baking with his sourdough starter (named Agatha Crustie) or gaming. Some may consider him a coffee snob too, as he somehow has 5 different coffee brewers and 2 coffee grinders, and he only drinks black coffee brewed with homeground light roast beans that have been rested the appropriate amount of time.
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